ty roth
ty roth


Goodness Falls

Welcome to my home on the web. Whether you're passing through or will be hanging around to learn more about me and my writing, I am glad you've come. I don't know what brought you here, but as for me, it was three women: first, my classmate and friend Nancy, who in the eighth grade and with absolute certainty said, "Ty, you're going to be a writer;" secondly, a former student of mine, Jessica, whose dissatisfaction with YA novels convinced me that young adults were hungry for challenging stories that respected both their intelligence and maturity; and finally, my wife Julie, whose constant encouragement—despite writing's drain on my limited time and psychic energy—sustained me through three failed novels and four years of rejection. Ladies, I thank you.

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So Shelly

Praise for Ty's first novel, So Shelly:

"Lurid yet Literary."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"lush and emotional..."

"an absorbing plot... smooth, playful writing style..."